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Frrilla (Free Gorillas) Mask/Specs Chain

Frrilla (Free Gorillas) Mask/Specs Chain

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Frillas (free Gorillas ) is a handcrafted piece made with brass dipped in gold For decades, mountain gorillas have been subjected to uncontrolled hunting, disease, habitat loss and the ravages of human conflict. Their numbers plummeted, and they are now considered endangered. Our every piece is a reminder to each one us to embrace their beauty and do our part in order to save them. We're doing our part by donating 20% of profit earned by this collectionto wildlife conservation trust.


Material : Brass Dipped in Gold/ Silver
Care Instructions : Avoid dampness and humidity .Keep them in the given packaging or any other cloth bag. Keep it away from extreme heat or cold. Keep them away from products like perfume
Delivery Time : 7-10 Days

Brand: Amalgam

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