Celebrate the brands that work ethically. Making the hands that make, matter.

About us

A community of conscious consumers, working towards educating people and making sustainability a way of life. We strongly believe that ‘sustainability is for everybody’ and are trying to drive people to live a slow life by giving them fashion & lifestyle alternatives, through our consciously curated sustainable pop-ups all over the world, workshops, slow discussions and community building exercises.


Our Journey

Shuffling Suitcases is a community of people who strongly believe in the idea of sustainability. It is a celebration of brands that value their roots and ethics. It is an idea- of giving a voice to the #HandsThatMake and letting them speak through their art. It is an effort- of creating a community of like-minded people who care about talking about things that really matter.

Shuffling Suitcases is an ode to the earth, an endeavour to sustain, Sustainability.

June, 2017
Started the Sustainable Journey from Kolkata and our next stop was Mumbai.
August, 2018
Suitcases shuffled to Delhi, Ahmedabad, Bangalore and twice in Kolkata.
March, 2019
First International Edition in Singapore.
September, 2019
14th edition and return to Singapore on popular demand.
December, 2019
Shuffling Suitcases reaches Goa for the first time.
January, 2020
18th Successful Edition in Mumbai and many more coming.