Sustainability Standards

Sustainability Standards

To make sure that we live up to our commitment of bringing you products that are in sync with this earth, we have certain standards of sustainability that we follow. The brands we bring to you focus on being transparent and responsible, bringing to light the efforts of #TheHandsThatMake 

To make you understand our values better, we have broken them below so you know what you’re bringing into your wardrobe and cherish it through its life cycle.



We understand that joy of possessing handmade things is unmatched, hence most of our products are skilfully crafted with love, using varied techniques making our products special and worth cherishing.   


We at Shuffling Suitcases are all for the ‘Hands That Make’. We value the workers who create, sitting right at the roots of the system; making sure the products delivered to you bring joy to you as well as the creators, providing them good working conditions, equal opportunities and fair pay and transparency.


Respecting the natural cycle of earth, many of our brands follow organic practices to run their businesses. From using materials that have been produced without the use of harmful chemicals, pesticides to relying on natural vegetable and plant based dyes; we are committed to protecting the environment while bringing to you, your favourite products.


Upcycling is the process of reusing old, discarded things in a manner to create products of higher or value than the original. Every product brought to you under this category guarantees an optimum use of resources, taking seriously the responsibility that comes with production. Not only does upcycling help in lessening the waste going to landfills, but also creates amazing products that are loved by you.


As a firm supporter of the concept of co-existence, we at Shuffling Suitcases believe in treating all elements of the earth equally; including the animals. We have vegan brands on board who make their products without using any animal products or by-products, using alternatives to give you a great guilt-free experience.

Zero Waste

Fashion as an industry is the largest polluting industry in the world, courtesy the amount of resources used and the wastage caused while production. Our brands are committed to lowering their carbon footprint by reusing even little tit-bits of the discarded fabrics. 

Cruelty Free

Looking good should never come with a price and we at Shuffling Suitcases are strictly against animal cruelty in any form. All our brands make their products mindfully, keeping in consideration the impact of our actions on innocent creatures on the planet.

Locally Sourced

Shuffling Suitcases has since it’s conception been a strong supporter of indigenous arts and handicrafts. We are constantly trying hard to revive the dying Indian arts and promote the existing ones. Our products are locally #MadeInIndia by kargiars residing in the remotest parts of the country and we love bringing them to you through our platform.