Seller Information

Do I have to wash/dry clean the product before packing it?
You can send the garment as is. We shall take care of giving it a makeover, washing(Dry cleaning if required) and packing it just like any newly sold product from Shuffling Suitcases reaches its owner.
What about the shipping ad packaging?
Leave everything to us. Find any shipping package at home and reuse it to pack your garment in it. Hand it over the pick up executive who shall pick it from your doorstep. You will always receive a call before the pick-up, to ensure your availability.
We are always here for you and shall take your through the smoothest pick up experience .
Can I sell my garment from outside of India?
We are presently catering to sellers within India, however you can choose to shop from our ReWear collection from anywhere in the world and take your first step towards a concious wordrobe.

Payment Information

How does ReWear decide the price?
The selling price depends on various factors. For example
When was it bought?
How many times has it been worn?
Condition of the garment?
Style of the garment.
How will I get paid?
The payment to the seller is processed within 24 hours after the customer has received the product. The seller can choose to get paid from either of these 3 options
1. You can opt to receive the amount in your bank via Bank Transfer/UPI
2. A Shuffling Suitcases voucher in your name with 20% higher value
3. You can choose to donate the amount towards planting multiple trees in your name in a draught prone area, details of which shall be shared very transparently with you

Other Queries

What if my garment does not match the details I filled in?
If your product does not match the details sent to us, you will be charged a penalty fee of INR 500 before we send the garment back to you.
What if I change my mind?
We sincerely hope you don’t. If you have filled in the form, it means you are ready to let go off that garment. But incase you change your mind please communicate it to us at the earliest. The same shall only be applicable if the garment has not yet been picked up from you. Incase you change your mind after the product has been shipped by you, the return shipment will have to be paid by you.

Buyer Information

How do I know the authenticity of what I am buying?
Your purchase from Shuffling Suitcases in itself is your authenticity check. We make sure only those garments that are in mint condition are sold on ReWear. Every garment goes through a washing, cleaning, verification process, after which it is uploaded on ReWear for you to give it a new life.
Can I return my ReWear purchase?
We do not encourage returns on ReWear and thus do not accept returns unless the product was damaged in transit.
How can I cancel or change my ReWear Order?
You can drop us an email on ReWear@shufflingsuitcases with your order details. We will only be able to change or cancel your order, if the product has not been dispatched yet.
How do I track my Order?
You can track your ReWear order just as any Shuffling Suitcases order. You will be notified at every step of the process via email and SMS.