The Art Of Eco- Friendly Washing: Guppy Bags

by Shuffling Suitcases on June 21, 2020

Often in our daily lives, we fail to identify many basic activities- that are very normal to us but are causing huge damage to the the environment. Washing of synthetic clothes is one of those activities. Shredded microfibres from these clothes are a huge reason for pollution of water and soil.

Guppy Bags are one way to counter microfibre pollution. Here's your introduction to amazing product. 

What is a guppy bag?

A synthetic bag used to put synthetic clothing in, while washing in a machine.

Why to use it?

Synthetic clothing sheds microfibres when washed. These microbes enter the water stream, pollute water and then go on to pollute the soil.

How to use a guppy bag?

Put your clothing in the guppy bag and run a full circle of washing. You will see lint accumulated on the corners of the guppy bag. Collect the lint and dump it in the bin.

And that’s why we say- small actions can go a long way!

Sustainability begins at home. Start now!