Paraffin Candle Vs Soy Candle: Which One You Should Choose?

by Shuffling Suitcases on June 07, 2020

Candles are a very important part of home decor. They can change the setting and mood of a place completely, adding in the warmth and light. But did you know that instead of using normal candles, you could use soy candles and cut down on a lot of carbon emissions?

There are a lot of differences between commonly available wax candles and soy candles that we generally tend to miss out on! Listing a few major differences below-

Soy wax is usually made from soybean oil, or vegetable wax and is completely natural. It is classified under plant produce and burns longer than paraffin wax.

Paraffin candles, on the other hand are made using crude oil, which is a non-renewable source. It can release at least 11 known pollutants in the environment that are carcinogenic.

Paraffin candles tend to melt quicker than soy candles and can cause comparatively harmful burns than soy candles. 

Soy wax also tends to mix well with essential oils, giving them a beautiful and long-lasting fragrance.

So in a lot of ways, soy candles are better than regular paraffin ones. Not only do they perform better but also can cut down on the carbon emissions to a great extent.

Now, the choice is yours.