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How To Get Rid Of Your Clothing The Right Way

More than 57% of the discarded clothing goes into landfills. That’s millions of scrap clothing in earth.

It is very essential that we get rid of our clothing the right way. Follow these tips to do your bit!


All it takes is a Google search to find the closest orphanage/ old age home near your home, and a needy person could make use of clothes that are no longer useful for you.

Pass On Your Clothes

Most of us have grown up wearing sweaters, shirts that originally belonged to our older siblings. It’s time to pass on yours.

Ask your siblings, cousins if they could make use of clothes that you no longer want. It will have a huge impact.

Find Out Local Recycling Units

If you research enough, you will definitely be able to find units that are completely into cloth recycling. Some of them offer pick-up services too!

Organise Swap-Parties

Swap Parties are set-ups where people come with their belongings that they no longer want, but are still in good condition. Everyone is free to swap items based on what they like. 

Trust us, they are a lot of fun and a great way to make maximum use of each piece. 


Get your local tailor to work and you’ll be amazed by the amazing products that can be made using old clothes.

Quilts, cushions, decor items, patchwork tops, scrunchies, the list is endless.

All it will take is a little extra effort from your side. But we promise, it will be totally worth it.

Get rid of your clothes responsibly. 


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