Composting 101

by Shuffling Suitcases on July 03, 2020

Compost is one of the most valuable additions that you could be making to your garden. With it’s high nutrient density, it helps alter the structure of normal garden soil and make it light and extremely fertile.

It introduces nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium to the soil, making it balanced and neutral.

Let us break it down for you!

For those of you who are new to the concept, compost is the dead and organic waste that becomes plant fertiliser. You can literally compost anything- from egg shells, food scraps, veggies to even ground coffee.

The best news is- It is cheap and can be easily made at home.

Here’s what you need to do to make your own compost-

Once you have found a spot for composting, all you need are 4 things-

1. Carbon organic material (Brown materials such as sawdust, paper towels, cardboard and egg cartons)

2. Nitrogen organic material (Green materials such as plant trimmings, vegetable scraps, tea bags and house plants)

3. Water

4. Oxygen

For those living in apartments and wondering how to compost, you can invest in store bought compost bins. 

Or DIY your own compost bin using a simple bin, just choose your own bin, drill holes in the top and bottom, line the bin with shredded paper, twigs and leaves, then add your food scraps to it.

Mix it at least once a week.

Happy Composting!