Choose Green: Amazing Benefits Of Buying Your Groceries Locally!

by Shuffling Suitcases on May 12, 2020

The present day supermarket culture has us choosing the plastic wrapped vegetables over fresh produce from the sabzi-mandis, exploiting the farmers who work hard in the fields for us to have food on our plates.

Just reminding you of the advantages of choosing the local produce below-

You get fresh produce directly from the farmers.

There is nothing better than fresh, untreated, ‘straight from the field’ seasonal produce that is shopped directly from the farmers. It is unpreserved, nutritious and literally brings gardens to our tables. 

No middleman involved, paying the farmers directly and fairly for their produce.

Farmers are the biggest sufferers when it comes to losses involving produce. The supermarket culture has made them lose touch with the consumers, forcing them to surrender to the middlemen paying them unfair prices for their produce. 

Tonnes of plastic waste is saved. (That would be used to pack these vegetables & fruits.)

The nature’s gifts are repackaged into plastic, wasting tonnes of resources unnecessarily and increasing the levels of plastic pollution.

Less carbon emissions FTW!

No refrigerators, vehicles to transport, would be used to keep the vegetables fresh, cutting down the energy consumption to huge extent. The supermarkets invest a lot of energy in refrigerating and transporting the produce. The effort and resources can be easily saved by shopping locally.

Shop local. Shop green!