Nightfall in the Woodlands
Nightfall in the Woodlands
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Nightfall in the Woodlands

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This 1.5inch disc encapsulates little bits of woodland elements from different parts of the world.

The wild dandelion from the backyard of Alankaara studio, the yellow wattles are from France, the green lichens are from Kerala, the tiny pinecone is from Tanzania, the mushroom is from my Mother's compost pit, the tuft of brown moss is from The Nilgiris and the little bits of snowy lace flower is from The Himalayas.

It's literally a congregation of botanicals coming together to become the 'Nightfall in the Woodlands'  - one of the few memory based pieces we create.


Care Instructions : Store in pouch provided
Delivery : 7-10 Days
Material : Brass polished silver and bio resin
Size : 4.6 cm dia