Basalt Linen Duvet cover
Basalt Linen Duvet cover
Basalt Linen Duvet cover
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Basalt Linen Duvet cover

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- 100% linen, European flax — a natural fibre.
- Linen is biodegradable, and therefore a sustainable, eco-friendly choice.
- Great for your skin — anti-static with its own pH balance.
- All season natural insulator - cool in summer, warm in winter.
- Repels micro-organisms and absorbs moisture.
- Ages gracefully, becoming softer with every wash.
- Consciously crafted — low-impact dyeing, no harsh chemical treatments.
- Designed and made in India.


Inclusions : Duvet Cover
Fabric/Material : 100% Linen
Wash Care if any : 1. Always Pre-wash New Linens Before Using 2. Segregate for Following Washes 3. Be Gentle While Drying 4. Iron While Still Damp 5. Say No to Plastic Storage 6. Please wash separately before use, bright colours run during the first wash or two.
Colour : Basalt
Delivery time : 7-10 Days