Choosing sustainability was never this easy. If you have been thinking twice as hard before stepping on to the better side of the green grass, this is your chance. We have curated boxes keeping in mind that they help you start your journey. These can be used by anyone and are can be given as gifts as well. The boxes will help you take that one step towards a more conscious lifestyle and from there we'll hold your hand further. #ItsEasy

The Travel Box

Traveling offers a first-hand glimpse of just how catastrophic the world's plastic problem is. Reducing or eliminating plastics is not straightforward, when so many products are packaged in plastic, including a basic necessity such as water. While it can prove to be a challenge, especially when travelling to regions where plastic can be ever-present, there are simple steps you can take to limit your use and choose some sustainable alternatives instead.

The Stationary Box

The Stationary Box curated by Shuffling Suitcases is the perfect gift for anybody who uses pen and paper. This zero waste alternative can be your little step towards sustainability.
Gift it to your little ones, to your siblings, friends or just save it for yourself as a reminder of your conscious step towards saving this planet.

The Bathroom Box

Your bathroom is the one place in your entire house that has the maximum amount of plastic. From your tooth brush to your toothpaste to little things like floss and combs. Have we ever wondered how many toothbrushes or toothpaste packs have we thrown since we started using them?
Now, you won't have to because the zero waste Bathroom Box curated by Shuffling Suitcases has everything that is biodegradable.

The Kitchen Box

How much time do you spend in the kitchen? It is one of the most popular rooms of the house and for good reason – it is where the food is kept!
When you consider how much time is spent in the kitchen, it should be no surprise that it is one of the rooms that produces the most plastic waste.From the plastic bags that our food is packaged in, right through to the way that we clean. There are a lot of simple changes that we can make to avoid so many products ending up in landfill. With the Kitchen Box, you can start your sustainable journey.